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Explorer of Terra, I am as passionate about Human beauties as those of Nature. Humans are extraordinary beings who fascinate me with their ability to forget their greatness and their power and then remember them.

I live my earthly experience as a discovery of each moment, I love to discover the arts this human body allows me to achieve and I have great joy in sharing them with the world.

I also really enjoy gardening in different "gardens", the one of my home, my inner-garden but also offering to others seeds ready to reveal their greatest beauty.

My writings, like my arts, are the expression of my Creativity. I am committed to sharing with the world these simple and innate joys of Incarnate Life.

My accompaniments are sharing experiences and, stellar and galactic wisdoms. I am a link between the people of the stars and the people of Terra to recall the Love and Co-creation which animates each of us deeply in our hearts.

With joy to meet you !


With all my love,


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