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Aloha divines soul!

Accompanying care of the soul, I act in multidimensional consciousness in co-creation with stellar beings specialists in the subject(s) addressed and the guides of light.

Aquatic energies often accompany my arts allowing simplicity and fluidity.

Each healing triggers major DNA and structural updates in a very gentle manner.

NB: It is possible that a healing may cause discomfort, I remain available if this is the case.

Don't forget to ask for support from your light teams who are present to support you in these great transformations and light-encodings.

Twin Flame & Completeness

Duration : 1h

Sola price : 120€

This journey is demanding and sometimes very painful, this support aims to provide clarity, alignment and softness to navigate it with as much serenity as possible. Get out of involutionary and suffering patterns for a return to your completeness.

It is a journey which requires opening up to You and to your own depths, no action will be carried out on your Other who is master of his own journey.

The more you learn to see and love yourself, the more the serene space of completeness can be embraced.

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Celestial diplomacy

Duration : 1h

Solar price : 170€

This consultation is specific to abduction memories in order to regain alignment and confidence.

This traumatic and particular experience leaves painful marks (visible and invisible) which can make us forget the hidden gifts that this experience offers. By relearning to see with the eyes of Love, it is possible to heal and find the magnificent potentials ready to be deployed.

Gentle love, respect for your humanity and your path, you are not alone! I'm with you with all my heart for the courage you had to show to take this appointment.

May Love illuminate your path,


Stelar security activation

Duration : 1h

Solar price : 150€

As the veils of reality become thinner and thinner, we now have the possibility of co-creating more easily with many galactic members. However, vigilance and discernment are necessary to ensure that you co-create with the people of Light and Original Love.

I offer you to discover and (re)activate your specific and beneficial codes for stellar communication in security and confidence.

Activation of your precision discernment potential allowing you to navigate safely.


You will also be able to receive any other gift that will be beneficial to you following your path that these people have planned for you.

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Do not hesitate to contact me on whatsapp to meet and discuss about your need and find the best appointment time. 

In the meantime you can find energetic healing offered on my YouTube Channel (in french but energy still do the job).

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“Thank you Camille for this Christmas healing, a power of connection, right and resounding words in depth, evidence of revealed souls. For me a story of inner love, of healing along the way.

A pure happiness, this care putting all my cells in joy as if you had the key to open the door. ​

And the must was finalization by a superb creation where I took a real pleasure. Thank you for your revealing and benevolent dynamism.”

—  Marielle

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